Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Distance Between Us

In the book, Distance Between Us, Reyna Grande faced many hardships and had to deal with the struggles that came with living without her parents. One would think that she would wish to change the things that happened in her childhood but that is not the case. If one would change something in their past it would change who they were. With each difficulty that Grande faced she learned and grew from those situations and prepared her for life ahead of her. She wouldn't want to change the person she is today, so even though her past was hard it is the reason she is who she is today. I remember her saying in the Q&A that if you do what you think is right and think that if you thought back to this decision later in life you would be happy about it. I think I can apply this to my own life because you don't want to be older and wish that you could change your life. You have to live your life in a way you would be proud of so you never have any regrets. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Tragic Hero and DOAS

The tenets of tragedy are that a good person with a fatal flaw falls from a height but the downfall is the characters own doing and the they do not deserve the outcome. Also, the character must gain some knowledge before his death and the reader must not feel depressed in the end of the story. When comparing Willy Loman to these tenants, you see that he is not a tragic hero. Willy is not a good person, he cheated on his wife and there is no greatness about him. His fatal flaw is his want for success, it eventually ruins him and his family. Willy caused his downfall, in his actions, none of them were just by chance. He also chose to kill himself. However, while Willy did not gain any knowledge his family gained a little bit. The reader does not feel sad at the end, they see that Willy did the only thing that would make his family’s life better. I never felt bad for Willy though, all the sadness and hardships he faced was his own fault. And killing himself was more like an easy way out. Willy is not a tragic hero. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lord of The Flies #6

I think Lord of the Flies is timeless truth because if any group of people were put on an island together something like that would happen. Everyone starts out in shock, they scramble to find food, water and shelter. Someone rises up to be the leader. Everyone usually follows their guidance, orders and rules. Until some figure out that they don't actually agree with what the leader is doing. So they try to dethrone the leader. However, usually it doesn't work because why fix what it's broken. Resulting in that person going off and starting their new camp. Some follow because now they have a choice and the grass always looks greener on the other side. Both camps usually can live together in peace for a little while but then resources get scarce or they realize the other camp has something they want. The camps start talking more and trying to get stuff from one another. Until the point at which they feel like they have been violated and the other camp needs to be stopped so they go to war. Usually ends badly. No matter what time period you are in, everyone will act the same because it just comes down to human instinct. It's survival of the fittest, you do what ever it takes to stay alive.

Lord of The Flies #5

In this section of Lord of the Flies, Ralph, Piggy, Sam and Eric go to Jack's tribe to try to get Piggy's stolen glasses back. However, while they are there Ralph and Jack begin to fight. Jack orders Sam and Eric to be tied up. Then, Piggy grabs the Conch shell and tries to get everything under control. Roger then releases a boulder and kills Piggy, destroying the shell. Sam and Eric are then forced to become a part of Jack's tribe and Ralph runs into the jungle. Ralph scrambles to figure out what to do, so later he goes back to Castle Rock to try to get Sam and Eric back on his side. However, they won't leave because Roger will hurt them but they do tell Ralph that he needs to go because he will be hunted in the morning. Ralph goes back in the jungle and hides and waits for his impending doom. Jack's tribe sets the jungle on fire and Ralph is found. He tries to out run them but when he gets down to the beach a naval officer is there. He is surprised that there have been two deaths and the boys have loss sense of all rules and responsibilities in such a short time. All the boys break down crying. 
I think this would happen to anyone being rescued from a deserted island, you can go back to your old life. You can go back to your house, all the comforts, everything. You don't need to be controlled by one another. There is no more survival of the fittest like there is with animals. They are free.

Lord of The Flies #4

In this section of Lord of the Flies, Jack, Roger and Ralph get back to camp and warn the others about the beast. Jack grabs the Conch Shell and calls an assembly. He tries to get everyone against Ralph and let him be the chief. However, no one agrees with him so Jack runs off into the jungle humiliated. After Jack leaves, Piggy comes up with the idea to make the signal fire down by the platform to avoid the beast. While they are building the fire, Ralph starts to notice that many of the older boys are left to go with Jack. Simon is also no where to be found. Over at Jack's beach, he tells everyone that they will forget about the beast and hunt for food. They kill a boar and decide to go over to Ralph's camp to steal their fire and offer for everyone to come back to their beach for a feast, hoping that Jack can convince more of the boys to join his tribe. Simon is comes across the boar's head that Jack left for the beast to leave them alone. The Beast talks to Simon through the head of the boar. The beast is called Lord of the Flies because of all the flies that are around the boar. The beast explains that Simon will never escape him and he will not have fun. Simon gets sick and staggers and crawls back to tell the others. While Simon was up there on the hill, he saw the dead parachutist. Everyone goes to Jack's feast where he tries to convince some of the boys to stay at his tribe, Ralph tries to stop him but does not succeed. The boys do their reenactment of the hunt again, however in the middle of it Simon comes out of the woods and frightens the boys who proceed to kill him because they thought he was the beast. The next morning Ralph realizes that it was Simon who was the beast and thinks it was murder. While Jack at his camp knew that it was Simon but tells all the boys that the beast can take on any person or thing. Jack wants to hunt more but first Maurice, Roger, and himself go to the other tribe, steal Piggy's glasses and beat up Ralph, Piggy, Sam, and Eric. 
At this point Jack has gone crazy, he just wants to come out on top. He doesn't see them as humans, just some people who are stopping him from winning. Jack has started to punish and beat his tribe mates for no reason. This makes me think that he is becoming the evil dictator of the island. Soon everyone will probably be dead and killing each other to stay alive.

Lord of The Flies #3

In this section of Lord of the Flies, it begins with a battle above the island that is not spotted by any of the boys because they are all asleep, the signal fire has gone out because of that. During the battle, a dead body falls from the sky in a parachute. Then Sam and Eric awake to relight the fire they mistake the parachute blowing in the wind for the beast. The group then sets out to find this beast and they go to the only place that Jack has not been, a hill with caves in it. Everyone is frightened to go inside but Ralph since he is the leader goes in. Then Jack joins Ralph in the caves and they strengthen their relationship. They find nothing in the caves and decide to head up the hill. Later they decide that hunting for pigs would be good. However, in the middle of the hunt Ralph flings a spear at the boar which does not stick and makes the boar cut Jack on his arm. The boys reenact the fight with Robert as the boar, however they almost end up killing him because they forget it is a game. Later, all the boys go back to the camp except for Roger, Jack and Ralph because they still want to hunt. Jack goes off alone to try to kill something but sees what he thinks is the beast and tells Ralph and Roger and goes back to war the others. 
This book reminds me of Peter Pan and the lost boys, how they are all alone doing as the please. They are playing games, and getting lost in them. Sometimes not making the best decisions and forgetting about safety. Also, they have chants about killing boars and they sometimes get dressed up and put on war paint to hunt. I feel like they are going to start turning on each other and possibly killing one another.

Lord of The Flies #2

In this section of Lord of the Flies there is a struggle to find the balance in the group of boys. Many of them think that meat is more important, however Ralph believes that the shelter and a signal fire are more important. So both go their separate ways, Jack takes his boys to the jungle to find meat, while Ralph and Simon end up building most of the shelter. However, they do manage to get a signal fire started all together and they set of shifts to watch the fire so it will never go out. Later, Jack and the boys get too caught up in finding meat to where they leave the fire unattended and it goes out. This was not a true problem until a boat passes and sails away. This prompts Ralph to call a meeting to discuss and fix all the problems including the signal fire, shelter, designated bathroom spots, cooking and the fear of this unknown beast. Unfortunately, the whole meeting was a failure because Jack pretty much took over and said we will kill the beast then ran off into the jungle with everyone except Piggy and Simon. At this point in the book they have realized that they aren't having fun anymore and are starting to get frightened. 
This book resembles Lost the TV series as I said in the last blog, but I have found even more similarities. Many times the boys think that something is always watching them while they are in the jungle and something else is out there. The Ralph denies that anything is there and they need to stop worrying. The same thing happens in Lost. Jack is often referred to as a hunter and seems to be a character trait, as is John Locke in Lost when he swears to himself and everyone else that he is a hunter. There are these twins on the island who are named Sam and Eric, however no one can tell them apart so they call them Samneric. In Lost, there are two men who are named Scott and Steve, no one can ever get their names right and after Scott dies everyone still keeps calling Steve, Scott. When the boys build the rescue fire they set up shifts so that it is always manned just like in Lost where they set up shifts in the hatch to press the button ever 108 minutes. Both are viewed as the only way to survive. Jack and Ralph are fighting over whether food or fire is more important while in Lost John and Jack fight over whether the hatch is more important or food is. At the end of the section, Jack declares that he will go into the jungle and kill the beast, while in Lost the some of the castaways including Ana Lucia think they should go to war with the others so they try to build an army.